Financial marketing specialist required for 6 months.

Business developer for interim management services needed.

First experience with advertising campaigns and media plans? Call us.

Campaign manager with passion for data and CRM needed.

Urgent need for a French mothertongue conversation manager.

Are you a freelance campaign manager at ease with digital banking applications? Call now.

Interested in a challenging career at 4P square as Marketing consultant? You’ll get lots of variation in your job and real possibilities for personal growth.

For further growth we wish to hire several high potential marketeers.


Grietje François
10 January 2017

4P square consultants ensure smooth transition in servicing client interests during the national pitch for a major automotive brand. The incumbent agency was challenged after many years of loyal services and faced fierce competition from very creative agencies. The challenge was to continue servicing the client optimally during the labor intensive pitching effort. Eventually the 4P square consultant also ensured transition to the new agency in a neutral and efficient manner.

Liselotte Veraghtert
9 December 2016

Marcus Orlovsky was definitely the most entertaining speaker of the second day of the Stima Congress. But as much as he made the entire auditorium laugh out loud, he got an even amount of awkward silences ...

Dries Vercruyssen
8 December 2016

Due to inefficient transport, companies are losing €160 billion on a yearly base - WEF Supply Chain Decarbonization Report

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