Digital native and skilled project manager, call us.

Project manager with first PMO experience needed for 3 months.

Helicopter view on digital change for banking services? Call now.

Financial brand and go to market consultant to support digital transformation.

Financial BI and MI expert needed to support digital change.

Digital sales and lead generation is your thing? Call us.

Digital customer service expert needed.

Are you ready to lead a digital communication department for 4 months ?


Tim De Brucker
5 May 2017

Joelle Demiddeleer joined 4P square as a freelance consultant a couple of years ago. In her previous life, she ran her own retail and design agency. Her specialization in packaging and new product development landed her a long-term assignment at Belgium's leading canned fish specialist Sopralex (Imperial). After rebranding the whole product range to adapt to new European regulations, Joelle was asked to help with new product development. With the new variety of "Fresh Anchovies of the Aegean Sea", Sopralex wins a well-deserved Golden Archer. These are awarded annually by the Royal Belgian Committee for Distribution for the most innovative product launches. Now she is evolving in the direction ‘marketing’ at Sopralex.

Tom Sweetlove
7 April 2017

This new item in the newsletter is entirely dedicated to a professional marketer working in an industry or domain which might not be close with your business.
We kick off with Simon Wullens, Marketing Manager for Lumière - Flemish Audiovisual company covering the Benelux. 

Sophie Mellen
30 March 2017

De UBA Trends Day has become a major reference in conferences about communication & media. It's a day full of inspiration and attended by more than 1400 professionals. Sophie Mellen, 4P square consultant was one of them. 3 speakers really caught her attention.

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