Marketer Hot Spot - Interview with Simon Wullens, Marketing Manager at Lumière

Tom Sweetlove
Simon Wullens
Marketing Manager

1. Lumière, who are you and what do you do?

Lumière is a Flemish Audiovisual Company with a very important key selling point:  Scandinavian TV-series. But Lumière has got much more activities:

We own & manage 2 cinemas: Cartoon’s in Antwerp and Lumière in Bruges. A 3rd cinema is under construction in the old City Festival Hall of Mechelen and hopefully due for opening in 2018.

Then there is ‘Lunanime’ a subdivision of Lumière, including all activities related to the production of Flemish fiction, animation and (international) TV-series. 

We have produced ‘Offline’ and ‘Le Ciel Flamand’, 2 movies made by Peter Monsaert. We co-produced ‘Une vie de chat’ which was nominated 3 years ago for the Oscars. ‘The Team’ – an international crime serie with Flemish actors Koen De Bouw, Veerle Baetens, Hilde Van Mieghem and Filip Peeters. This serie was broadcasted by VTM.

Lumière acquires the theatrical rights of films for the Benelux territory. These rights allow the distribution of films among partners such as Kinepolis, UGC, Utopolis but also independent cinemas.

Lumiere is also a distributor of films and series on DVD and blu-ray.


2. How many film releases do you have to promote on a yearly basis and how do you promote movies and series?

Within an independent company such as Lumière, the number of film releases is not forecast but is more the result of offer and demand and budget. The budget allows us to acquire theatrical rights of films, in which we strongly believe.

Nevertheless, if you want to have an indication: a couple of years back, we released about 20 titles. This year, it’s going to be 8. The movie business is subject to major changes and shifts. People visit less the cinema and therefore, the battle for the viewer is nowadays very tough.

In terms of promotion, you need to know that each title has got its own target audience and so you’ll be needing each time a specific promotion plan. For example, you’ve got viewers who are very keen on thrillers but not necessarily on comedy. For that reason, we often work with different media partners such as De Morgen, De Standaard, Radio 1. If you want to reach the French speaking part of Belgium, you’ll have of course different partners. As marketeer, no matter in what business you are, you are always looking for a return on the investment budget.

Do you only promote offline?

No, we do both, offline and online. Online is becoming more important. We promote a lot on our social media channels. 5 years ago, we would only be considering a YouTube campaign, but now Facebook has also become key in our advert strategy. Thanks to the fine target possibilities, you can almost hyper match your title movie with the profile or the type of person who will likely engage.


3. What is the reason why people visit less the cinema?

Especially in 2016, it was a lot less.  It’s not entirely due to piracy and illegal downloading but still. Let’s not forget the impact of the terrorist attacks in 2016. Piracy is a day to day battle and a very difficult one to win. Piracy is everywhere. I am confident that politicians become more supportive.


4. Which are your major releases in 2017?

In 2017, we are going to release several good series: ‘Monster’ for example. There is ‘The Legacy’, a Danish serie which scored very good. ‘The Bridge season 4’ but probably due for release in the beginning of 2018. ‘Hassel’, a Swedish Crime serie. The final of this season is by the way, directed by Eshref Reybrouck, the man behind series such as ‘Cordon’ (VTM) and ‘Marsman’ (Eén).

‘The Sense of an Ending’ is one of the important 8 film releases, distributed by Lumière.

It’s British movie, directed by Ritesh Batra, who also directed ‘The Lunchbox’. It features 2 iconic actors. The first is Charlotte Rampling, a highly-acclaimed actress with an incredible bio and Jim Broadbent, known for his roles in Moulin Rouge, Gangs of New York, Harry Potter …

Gangsterdam, released last week, is an important movie for the French speaking part in Belgium. The leading role is played by French superstar Kev Adams.

And finally, there’s Funan, an animation project made by our own animation division, Studio Lumière. This is one of the projects for which we as Lumière, are highly proud. It differs us also from our competitors in the business.

- Thanks for the interview Simon.


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The movie will be released next month on the 24th of May.

Poster the Sense of an Ending


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