UBA Trends Day - 16.03.2017 - Sophie Mellen reports

Sophie Mellen
Sophie Mellen
Marketing Consultant
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Last week I attended the UBA trends day, the yearly conference In Brussels where likeminded marketing people connect. The line-up of speakers promised to offer us a great day. I would love to share with you the interesting insights I gained during this day. Some speakers really got into my mind.


1. “Treat your content like a product” - Andrew Davis, British content specialist


Picture Andrew Davis


Does your company think sufficiently about the real impact of content?  Do you get close enough to your customers’ everyday experience?

Andrew challenged us to rethink the way we look at marketing:

  • Stay thoughtful when creating content. Customers think differently about your business than you.
  • Think in terms of your client/customer, even if you are the creator of content.
  • Create content to build relationships with your audience, before they need you or make sure they will need you.


He gave “Red Bull” as an example of a company who puts customer’s needs first. They created a skateboard platform for their fans.

Everyone is able to succeed in content marketing. Even small(er) brands succeed. Fish tales, a Dutch seafood brand, could not sell his sustainable fish. However, he found a way to climb all the way up by trying to create a strong brand from scratch.


Picture Fishy Friday


He launched an instagram account, where he gives tips & tricks on how to prepare great sustainable seafood in 15 seconds. He completed this account with new videos. After a while, restaurants really asked for his sustainable fish”. He created a “need for sustainable fish”. He named his videos “Fishy Friday” videos. Take a look!

It is never easy to be successful from the beginning. Most successful people first struggle, fall and stand back up afterwards. They continue striving for their goal and that’s what makes them successful.

His tip?  “Build, brand and market your content marketing”!


2. Do what you can’t – Kevin Alloca’s - Head of Culture & Trends at YouTube


Picture Kevin Alloca


So what does he means with that quote? 

We all know YouTube as a channel where you can share your experience and individual expression.  YouTube is even a reflection of our entire pop culture. Almost anything that happens in the world plays out, in some way, on YouTube.” But it’s also a platform that makes people able to do what they can’t.  

Watch this movie: Do what you can't

Remember that video is creativity that doesn’t follow the rules and doesn’t do what you are taught to expect from watching TV for years and years. It’s really powerful and important.” It’s actually a brave new world! It makes place for communities which are responding to each other through video. Someone makes a video, and then others respond to it or remix it in some way.

His tip? As a marketer, try to think out of the box. Do what you can’t and you will get stuck in consumers’ minds!

Curious for more? Watch also his Ted Talk


3.  Take Hold Of Your Future Or The Future Will Take Hold Of You - Patrick Dixon Futurist

Patrick Dixon is known for forecasting opportunities, risks and challenges that will affect us all.”.


Picture Patrick Dixon


Curious about future trends?

These were the most interesting insights that got stuck into my mind:

  • The future is about emotion and trust. Who do you trust for the truth? Most people trust a total stranger on social media-far more than any marketing or company website.
  • Speed matters more and more. 30 sec to watch the advertisement on Youtube? That is already enough to ruin your brand! People get irritated when they need to wait.
  • 10 billion video views a day on Snapchat. Real-time matters in the future!
  • 8 dresses in different size and colour can be delivered to home
  • Pick up your delivery wherever and whenever you want
  • Location marketing really matters (think about “uber”)

Ex. Tesco sent SMS messages to 5-34 year old women in walking distance of a store, offering 6 EUR discount vouchers. Result? 40, 000 walked into the store.

  • Lower impact of traditional campaigns
  • Life is short, only sell what you believe in
  • Create a touch of magic with revelations that really matter. Relevant and accurate information.

Life is too short to lose a single day doing things that are a complete waste of time, or that we don’t believe in, so we need to know where we are going.

His Tip? You may have the greatest strategy on the planet, but if the world changes unexpectedly, you just travel even faster in the wrong direction.


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