A job as marketing and/or sales consultant?
What's in it for you.

Challenging marketing and sales opportunities in a dynamic and am­bitious organsation, lots of inspiration in an open and respectful envi­ronment. 4P square expands your possibilities, it’s up to you to seize them and grow. Regardless of the way we work together, we always aim for a long-term relationship. 

Expand your possibilities

Our pro-active sales team generates exiting interim management and consulting assignments with blue chip companies.

To help you make the best of your 4P square consultant experience we provide a “4P square mentor” for each new consultant, helping you with expert advice and act as a shadow manager when requested. At 4P square you can build a successful track record as a consultant and generate additional revenue with our special programs*. Listen to what is happening in your network and we will turn it into revenue for you.

Expand your comfort

Our clients entrust us with stable, mostly long term, assignments. At 4P square we ensure continuous follow-up of your assignment and the possibility to get extra support when needed. With attractive compensation schemes for employees,  win-win agreements for freelance consultants and a comprehensive supporting organisation we always pursue fair and challenging working conditions. At 4P square you can focus on your biggest asset, being a top consultant. We will take care of the rest.

Expand your knowledge

You have exclusive access to the cooperative knowledge platform, the proprietary marketing management models and “best in class” methodologies.

On a regular base* you will be invited to knowledge boot camps (basic marketing methodologies) and expert sessions (expert and new marketing competencies)  and you can achieve professional certification*.

Expand your skills

You are a privileged guest at our monthly 4P square cafés* where new skills s.a. Storytelling, Mindfulness, Insights ... are introduced. 2 times x Year you will be our VIP-guest at the 4P square experience events*.

Expand your network

You will meet top professional colleagues at our in-house events but also at national and international expert happenings. You have access to a broad database of experts and special rates or treatment at many marketing and sales events. 

Expand your perspective

As a 4P square consultant you can choose to get involved in 4P square’s future development and management with the 4P square partner program*.

Interested to work as a marketing/and or sales consultant? Register now!

* More information available with the 4P square talent center manager: Michel Collart



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