4P square proud co-founder of BAM

Last night was the official launch party of the newly formed Belgian Association of Marketing, BAM in short. Together with 9 other leading companies in Belgium, 4P square is a Founding Architect of the initiative.


Marketers unite!

BAM’s mission is to help marketers find each other in their search for ‘meaningful marketing’ and help them inspire each other. By bringing marketing professionals together within an open community, the platform accommodates the exchange of ideas between marketers, students, entrepreneurs, academics, and anyone who has something to do with marketing, really. Ultimately, the goal is to help businesses and marketers deal with new technologies and enable companies to keep reinventing themselves.

4P square at the roots

Although it is a new initiative, BAM is already Belgium’s number 1 marketing platform. That’s because it did not just materialise out of thin air. In fact, it is the result of a merger between STIMA, BDMA and IAB Belgium. Consequently, it has a massive knowledge base at its core, which can be accessed via the Marketing Hubs. Themes include Technology, Media, Legal, Data and Start-ups. This giant undertaking would not be possible without BAM’s 10 Founding Architects, which 4P square can be proud to say it is a part of. Others include Carrefour, Bisnode, Bpost, Google, IBM, Proximus, Roularta, Serviceplan and &Koo.

Why did 4P square become founding partner?

At 4P square we strongly believe in the power and the interest of communities: they unite, they differentiate, they care, they innovate and they inspire.

Through this partnership, we aim to affirm our position as a top marketing consultancy firm in Belgium, and assert our ambition of digital leadership on all fronts. 4P square is ready for today’s and tomorrow’s marketing challenges, and we can help you be ready too. Sound interesting? Get in touch via the contact button below.

Also, get inspired at www.marketing.be, BAM’s official website, and register to gain access to the unique community and the vast knowledge base.

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